I was doodling some girlfriends a little while back and then forgot about them. My scanner makes the lines from my brush pen look weird; it looks more normal in person. Yeah, just doodles, but I like the characters. 

(Some day I’ll do straight lines, but not today. Or tomorrow.)



Annd the other two are kinda nsfw. I based these two on pictures I had on my computer but with a lot of changes. 

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Okay, but seriously, do people not do drills for nuclear stuff and explosions anymore and stuff? We were watching some of those Cold War era movies like Duck and Cover in class today, and everyone was laughing the whole time. But, like, we grew up with these things?

I mean, I know we were right by Fermi and could have died all the time (and every week there was a test of the Something’s Goin’ Down at Fermi Alarm that we all ignored over our Tim Hortons), but it seems like something you should teach people or something? Maybe not?